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Boys and Girls may choose from the following:-

White shirt/blouse (not a polo shirt), v-neck navy sweater or cardigan (not zipped), tie if wearing school shirt, grey trousers, grey skirt or pinafore (not culottes) – pleated or plain, blue/white check or striped summer dress; short or long, plain coloured socks, black or plain coloured (not white) shoes or trainers which complement the rest of the uniform.


The wearing of any jewellery is not permitted in school.


Hair must be styled in an appropriate way. Styles with patterns cut into the hair, ‘mohican’ designs etc. are not permitted. Children are not allowed to have gel, wax, mousse, hair spray, colouring or bleach on their hair. Long hair (boys and girls) must be tied back with a black, white, grey or navy plain accessory. We do not allow large plastic or metal accessories or ones that may injure others.

Sun protection

During the warmer weather the children are welcome to wear sun hats or caps.  If your child is very sensitive to the sun you may wish to consider applying a long lasting sun lotion before sending them into school.  Please do not send in sun tan lotion as we are unable to put it on children ourselves.

PE Kit

The following items are required by children for physical education:


Navy blue or black plain shorts (no lycra cycling shorts), plain white tee shirt (or preferably with Fairfields logo).  Trainers which complement the rest of the uniform.


Navy blue or black plain shorts, plain white tee shirt (or preferably with Fairfields logo), trainers, tracksuit or jumper.

A slipper bag with a drawstring or a small sports bag should be provided to hold articles of PE clothing.  We cannot store large bags in school.  We insist on a drawstring bag for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

All children are required to take part in Physical Education, which includes both indoor and outdoor activities.  Obviously, if you as a parent feel that your child is unfit to participate, then a note of explanation should be sent to your child’s class teacher.

All children’s clothing should be clearly marked with their name to avoid confusion and loss.

Coats preferably need a loop so that they can be easily hooked on a peg.