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Severe Weather

With the increasing likelihood of bad weather and the possibility of the school being unable to open, all parents need to be familiar with the notification procedure.

It is recommended that you sign up to the ‘Everbridge’ notification system to receive a text that we are closed.

Sign up to the Everbridge notificaton system

This will be our prime method of communication.

Alternatively, you should listen to: BBC Three Counties Radio (103.8 FM/95.6 FM)
or log on to their website:

In addition, we will attempt to place a message on the website Home page and/or via our texting service, but please bear in mind that this may not be possible if the appropriate staff cannot get into school.

Where possible we will make a closure decision either the night before (particularly if there is ongoing severe weather) or by 07.30 am on the day of closure.

Parents should check any or all of the above options and if they do not say that the school is closed then it is OPEN, and we will expect pupils to attend as normal.