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School Meals


Dinners are cooked on the premises and are of a very high standard. A choice of menu is available and we recommend that your child has a school meal. Children starting school eating school dinners, tend to be less fussy eaters and enjoy the social side of eating a meal with others. The Kitchen is able to cater for children with special individual dietary requirements such as nut allergies.

HCL menu

The current cost of meals can be found by asking at the school office. Meals should be paid for in advance for each half term or full term by cheque. Payment is also accepted on a weekly basis by cheque or cash. Please note that this can only be done on the first day of each week. Adjustments are made for absences.

Any money sent in to school with your child should be exact, and in a sealed, clearly marked envelope.
Payment for various items should be in separate envelopes.

As an alternative to school meals, children may bring a packed lunch in a single plastic container clearly marked with their name. Drinks should be in cardboard boxes, or plastic bottles or flasks (no tins, glass bottles or squashy bags please). Water and beakers are provided at the table. Children are allowed to bring in a piece of fruit to eat at break time. This needs to be wrapped separately from any packed lunch. Oranges should not be provided as they prove to be somewhat messy for children to eat in school. Parents should note that packed lunches are stored in the classroom and not refrigerated. Please be careful that none of the lunch ‘leaks’ or melts! We ask that you do not include sweets in packed lunch boxes.

Changes from packed lunches to school meals or vice versa can only be made at the end of each term or half term. Advance notice is required in writing.


Milk is available for all children but parents must pay for this in advance for each half term. The current cost can be found by asking at the school office. Unlike dinner money, refunds are not made for absences. Milk is provided free for Nursery children and children who qualify for free school meals.

Drinking water

Drinking fountains are provided in all classrooms.

Free School Meals

If you are a parent or carer, and you get one of the benefits listed, your child may receive free school meals, but you need to apply for them.

  • income support
  • income-based jobseekers allowance
  • income-related employment and support allowance
  • support under immigration and asylum law
  • the guarantee part of state pension credit
  • child tax credit and you have an annual income of £16,190 before tax or less
  • working tax credit during the 4 week run on period

Apply online now or call 0300 123 4048

URL for online application form: