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Parents’ Information


Please see our September Newsletter for information on how our school is welcoming back your child.
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Communication with parents

A lot of information comes home by letter, sent to you directly from the class teacher explaining about trips etc. We try to send all letters out to you on a Friday, so this is the day to check your child’s bag! At the beginning of each term you will receive a newsletter giving brief details of some of the work that each class will be covering. We then have a regular newsletter giving further news and occasionally reminding you of forthcoming events or particular school policies. We are increasingly putting school information such as newsletters on our website.

The school office staff are always pleased to advise you on any matter relating to school. Please call in or telephone if there is any matter you want to discuss.

Reports and contacts with school

Consultations for parents are held every autumn and spring term. We formally invite you on these occasions to come along, talk in private with the teacher, and see your child’s work. In July you will receive an annual written report of your child’s progress. Information is included about the results of the National Curriculum Tests (SATs) for children in Year 2 and Year 6. In addition we have parent meetings for each year group early in the Autumn Term and an extra meeting for Year 2 and Year 6 parents regarding SATs information in the Spring Term.

You are also informally invited to visit school and meet the teacher for the next year. Teachers are pleased to talk to parents informally about a child’s progress at any time during the year. Please contact the teacher directly.


The school is unable to administer medication to children without the parents’ written consent and approval by the Headteacher. A form is available from the school office. For children with long-term disorders such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy etc., parents are asked to complete a medical form giving full details and instructions on administering any such medicines, such as Epipens for allergies.


The school gates are closed at the beginning and end of the day and parents are not allowed to park on the school premises. Rosedale Way becomes very congested at the beginning and end of the day. Allow plenty of time to park and walk to school. Please do not park where the Road Crossing Patrol operates or in the private parking bays at Rose Court next to our school.


Family holidays should not be taken in term time. Leave of absence will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and must be requested in writing.

Other school information

Please ask at the school office if you seek other information about our school. You may email us direct on: