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Aims & Values

Our Educational Aims

Visitors to Fairfields comment on the calm, well-disciplined, friendly atmosphere within the classrooms. We believe that children feel happy and secure in this environment. This in turn creates the best possible attitude to learning.

We aim to extend children’s knowledge of themselves and of the world in which they live, and through greater knowledge of themselves, to develop skills and concepts to help them relate to others, and to encourage a proper self-confidence. More specifically, our aim is that, from arrival at Fairfields, each pupil should move forward according to their age and ability to learn.

Finally, we provide opportunities that will help children to develop as individuals with the skills and attitudes necessary for survival in our rapidly changing society, where high technology must be balanced with respect for humanity and the natural world.

Fairfields School Aims for All Pupils

  • To ensure that every child has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential regardless of gender, age, race, physical or intellectual ability or class in a happy and secure learning environment.
  • To develop the skills, values, knowledge and experiences necessary for pupils to have a fulfilling and enjoyable time at Fairfields through our whole school curriculum.
  • To enable our pupils to be healthy, happy and confident and to see themselves as valued and valuable members of wider society.
  • To provide a strong framework for promoting good behaviour and positive attitudes.
  • To give our pupils a sense of success and pride in all their activities.
  • To provide opportunities for our pupils to become successful independent learners through a wide variety of physical, intellectual and aesthetic experiences.
  • To provide a partnership between home and school, with parents/carers and staff working together for the benefit of the children.

We hope your child will leave Fairfields as a well-adjusted, responsible person, with the right attitudes to work and towards people.

Our Objectives

Our objective is to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. We not only hope to teach your child the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics which are essential; but we want to open wide the doors to a whole range of activities and skills which develop the social, physical, emotional and spiritual values – thus engendering a good all round, balanced education.