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Anti-Bullying Week

United Against Bullying  – the children created some powerful messages through poetry and art.

Year 4 – Egyptian Projects

Well done to our Year 4 children for working hard on their Egyptian Projects!

Year 3 – Celtic Harmony Camp

Year 3 learnt about life as a Celt in Ancient Britain.

Year 3 – Rocks, Fossils and Dinosaur Workshop

Year 3 children had fun taking part in their ‘Rocks, Fossils & Dinosaurs’ Workshop!  

Year 4 – Egyptian Workshop

As part of their topic work,  Year 4 took part in a workshop and learnt a whole host of exciting facts about the Ancient Egyptians.

Year 5 – Greek Workshop

The Year 5 children became Ancient Greeks for the day when they took part in an Ancient Greek workshop!

Year 4 Roman Workshop

The children had fun dressing up in Roman style clothing.

Year 5 Viking Workshop

The children had fun learning about their culture and daily life

Year 2 visit the Gunpowder Mills

Children dressed up in Tudor costume and played traditional games.

Year 1 Toy Workshop

The children all had the opportunity to make their very own toy during this workshop.