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Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning

           From the Primary National Strategy department for Education and Skills

The SEAL resource provides a framework for explicitly promoting social, emotional and behavioural skills, with built-in progression for each year group within a school.
It is designed to support schools in the work they are doing to develop the school as a community that promotes social, emotional and behavioural skills. The resource provides several elements that are designed to be used across the whole school community.

The curriculum materials consist of seven themes.
These are:
Autumn Term: Theme 1: New Beginnings
Theme 2: Getting on and falling out

Addressed with ongoing tasks: Theme 3: Say no to bullying

Spring Term: Theme 4: Going for Goals!
Theme 5: Good to be me

Summer Term: Theme 6: Relationships
Theme 7: Changes

These themes are taught ‘formally’ as part of our Curriculum Program in a weekly PSHCE lesson. As you can see from the topics, these are vital in all aspects of the day as part of a child’s ongoing development.

In all the Themes in the curriculum materials, there are ideas for activities children can do at home with their families, to support their work in school and build on the partnership with parents/carers that has been established.

Below you will see a folder containing the current theme being focussed upon at our school. 

If you click onto it, there will be a general introduction to the theme. We would invite you to pick and choose from the various tasks included for the Family Activities. Perhaps some of the activities could be brought into school and shared with your child’s class and/or class teacher.

Theme 1 - New Beginnings (word doc) Theme 2 - Getting on and falling out (word doc)
Theme 3 - Say no to Bullying Theme 4 - Going for Goals (word doc)
Theme 5 - Good to be me (word doc) Theme 6 - Relationships (word doc)
Theme 7 - Changes (word doc)