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BUDDIES - See our Buddies in action!

At Fairfields, many of the year 5 students volunteer for the year, to assist other students and staff around the school in various capacities. There are groups who are on duty outside at morning and lunchtime break. If it is raining and indoor breaks, they report to the various classrooms. Some students work specifically to help the Reception students with their shoes and coats at lunchtime. Another group help in the dining room at lunchtime. This is a large commitment and a highly valued group of children.

What makes a good Buddy?
A good Buddy:

  • is approachable and considerate
  • listens to both sides but doesn’t take sides
  • is kind to everyone
  • is gentle and confident
  • is a good friend and trustworthy
  • will sort out problems but will sometimes need to ask an adult for help
  • doesn’t leave people out unless they want to be alone
  • doesn’t laugh at people who are different
  • doesn’t annoy people on purpose
  • sets a good example

                             is recognised by wearing a red cap

What does a Buddy look out for?
   A Buddy will look to see:

  • if someone is new and is looking lost
  • if someone is by themselves: crying/looking sad or feeling ill
  • if someone has fallen over
  • if someone is arguing
  • if someone is not taking turns
  • if someone is pushing or pulling other children’s clothes
  • if someone is not listening
  • if someone is using bad language
  • if someone is shouting or screaming
  • if someone is ‘stalking’ someone else
  • if there is a group of red faced children
  • if children are whispering and someone is left out
  • if someone is using threatening behaviour
  • if someone is doing something that they shouldn’t be

a Buddy can look out for children playing happily

What does a Buddy do if there is a problem?

  • Be calm – walk
  • Try and find out what is going on by asking others around if they know what is happening
  • Look friendly and ask if you can help
  • If not find an adult