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The School Curriculum at Fairfields - Key Stage 1 - Year 2 - RE

Year 2 Programme of study

In religious education, children learn about religion and what we can learn from religion.

Learning about religion – Children are taught:

  • about some of the beliefs people hold, including belief in God/gods.
  • to recognise some of the groups to which they belong in their home and school life and what makes these groups special. They should listen to and talk with people who belong to a faith community about how belonging affects their life;
  • about special books, both personal and religious, hear a range of stories from them and talk about their meanings;
  • about authority figures who influence their lives and find out about religious leaders and their work within local faith communities;
  • about one place of religious importance;
  • about and, where appropriate, handle some of the items of significance used in religious worship and lifestyle, exploring how they are used and begin to show awareness of similarities in religions.
  • some basic vocabulary used in a religious context;
  • about a variety of ways of celebrating special occasions within faith communities, the meaning behind the celebration/s and the importance for those participating;
  • about how and why symbols express religious meaning;
  • to explore how religious beliefs and ideas can be expressed through the arts.

Learning from religion – Children are taught:

  • about relationships, considering their own experiences, including challenging times.
  • some stories told in different religious traditions about the natural world considering some of the questions raised to which there may be no universally agreed answers;
  • about how and why religious people show care and concern for humanity;
  • to recognise how people are thankful for the earth’s resources;
  • to reflect on how spiritual and moral values influence their behaviour, choices and those of others.







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